Hi there!

My name is Petyo and I'm the creator of The Flying People flight school, president of the local club, tandem pilot, and CFI instructor.

About Us

It all started when I was 8-9-years-old and I sow for the first time in my life flexwing trike taking off near the road.
I was literally amazed and I guess that's how the seed was planted in my brain.
I remember that long after that I was dreaming at night this trike.

When I was 18-years-old it was mandatory to serve in the Army at this time, so wanted to become a skydiver and I said this on the military commission, but they told me that is not what I want but what they say, so there was no skydiving for me.

After served my duty and went to Bojuriste Aeroclub, which was a historical place for Bulgarian aviation but unfortunately they had close the club and demolished the airfield before I begin my training.

Two years later I've met my friend Jordan Jordanov who was a skydiver and nowadays he is an airline pilot, so he invited me to participate in Bungy jumping event organized by his club.
I went there and jumped 10 times and I liked it so much that I was continuing jumping almost every weekend-

There I've met one guy who was a paraglider pilot and he told me that there is a club only 30 km. away from my hometown, so I went there and begun my paragliding training in 2005.

It was a long process because this was a real club, not a flight school, so I had to wait four months before my first solo flight, but now I appreciate this a lot, because my first instructors Stefan and Venci thought me to patients, discipline and perfect ground handling.

I was continuing with the bungy jumping and one day the owner of the club offered me to work for him.
There was no delay in my answer because that was Club Adrenalin and his owner Rose Kasabov is a legend in our society, so I went to work and live in Varna, Bulgaria on our Black see. 

I've learned lots of things there like related to climbing and ballooning, but mostly I was learning a lot about paragliding because there 
I've met many paraglider pilots and I was flying every had the chance.

After two years in Club Adrenalin new opportunity came up.
I was invited to work in Shambhala Extreme Sports Center in Sopot, Bulgaria.

Sopot is the Meka of paragliding in Bulgaria and there I've met Niki Yotov from Skynomad, Emo from Skycamp.
I was glad to work and fly in Sopot and learn from the best and after one year, I went back to my hometown Dupnitsa, Bulgaria and I wanted to explore the possibilities of flying there.

Dupnitsa is located in the foothills of Rila mountain which is the highest mountain in the Balkan peninsula with 2926 meters.
Despite that fact, the place was not well explored because of the hard access to the high parts of the mountain.

First I found our future training hill Gledkata which was accessible by car, so in 2008 I have organized my first event there. 

At the same time, I was exploring the high parts of the mountain and have found some nice takeoffs but there were accessible only after 2-3 hours of hiking so dey didn't get so popular.

I needed a nice place to fly which was close to me so I went to Kyustendil, Bulgaria which is only 40 km away from Dupnitsa, and there I've met Stamen Stanimirov, Stambata.
Stambata was a legendary alpinist and paraglider pilot and we became good friends with him.
I was helping him around with his tandem flying and with the work on his new flying site Iglika that he has found recently.
Iglika is a high mountain takeoff accessible by car, so it became my favorite take-off site for paragliding.

In the summer of 2010, I went back to the See side and I spend three months living in my tent directly on the takeoff above Albena resort.
There I've met an Austrian Pilot, Herbert Henssmann and we became friends.
Herbert invited me on a paragliding trip to Spain for Christmas, so I went with him and we spend one month flying at different locations in Andalucia.

I really liked the place and the warm winter weather so I decided to stay bet more after my friend's vacation was over.
That is how I met Manolo and his flying family.

In the next year, I get back to Sain and I spend one year living in my tent and traveling around and flying.
Before I go back home called Manolo and he invited me to go to Vale de Abdalajis where gi was working in the local paragliding and hang-gliding club.
I went there and I spend one month with him helping him up with the tandems and the work in the club's house.
I told him that I wish I could do this in Bulgaria, so he taught me to fly tandems and we went together to Bulgaria.

There we have organized to present to the people what paragliding is.
It was great fun and many people were inspired so we decided to create our paragliding club.

The most important thing for me was that I met there my future wife Geri, and my fellow pilot and friend Georgi Bolgradov who became the co-founder of our club.

The next summer we went with Geri to Albena where I was doing tandem flights.
in 2013 I took a part in a tandem pilot and instructors workshop organized by the Bulgarian National Aeroclub and tandem paragliding became our full-time job.

Thanks to this I meet Dimitar Georgiev who now is our Sales Manager.
At this time hi was a young kid wishing to fly so I took him on a tandem flight and a few years later I thought him to fly.

Although tandem paragliding was my main job, I was also teaching paragliding, but most people with some experience that wasn't filing confident enough to fly solo for different reasons.

In the same year with the help of Venelin Staikov, who is a major factor in the paramotor and paratrike development in Bulgaria, I started to fly with paramotors.

Doing so, I have discovered new unlimited possibilities to fly on every suitable location in all seasons and powered paragliding became my be passion.
Although I love paragliding paramotor gives lots of new possibilities, especially when you are busy and you don't have the time to wait for hours on the takeoff.

When I gained some experience I started to use the paramotor for tandem flights and it was great fun but also was very challenging on takeoffs and landings so I decided to progress to trike flying so I get in touch with Emo Lomliev, a fellow paramotor, and trike pilot and he helped me up with that process. 

So we started to fly a lot on a daily basis and everything was going well, but new regulations came up and trikes pilots were required to have an NPPL license and registration.
Fair enough but the problem was that there was no such a class and no flight school in Bulgaria to obtain it.
So I went to Romania where I've met Albert Malaxa from Aerial Club.
Albert is an amazing man, pilot, and instructor and he helped me up with what is necessary to obtain my license.

Unfortunately, that was not enough because I had to obtain registration for the trike, but that was impossible because our CAA treated it as an aircraft like they treat Boeing 747 and they wanted some papers that actually don't exist.
So I had no other option than to sell the paratriketrike.

But I wanted to be able to fly motorized and from wheels and the closest thing that I can afford was flexwing trike and that is how I get back to my childhood dream.

I get in touch with my first paragliding instructor Venci, who was a very experienced flexwing trike pilot and he connected me with Rumen Sergov from Plovdiv air and a few months later we had our brand new flexwing trike and In 2017 was certified NPPL pilot.

But you know that old love doesn't rust so in the summer of the same year I was invited to work as a tandem pilot for the season in Six Senses Zigi Bay, Oman.

It was not something to miss but it was not an easy decision because our elder son was a 3-years-old son and my wife was pregnant with our second boy.
Anyway, the offer was good and the place was truly amazing so I went there to work as a tandem pilot for 3 months.

After I get back home the day after our second son was born I got back to my usual occupation flying tandems and teaching pg and ppg students from Bulgaria.

One day a fellow pilot from Germany messaged me and he asks me do I want to go and help him up in his flight school for an upcoming PPG course and with some tandem flights because he had so much that he cant handle.

It was an interesting opportunity for me to see how the German system works so I went there for the theoretical course and later we went together I Greece for the practical and it was a great experience for me to work with a large group of pilots, there were 20 student pilots on that course.

After the course, I went back home and I was sure that I want to develop my own international flight school but there was a missing part.
In Bulgaria, as like in many other countries foot-launched aircraft doesn't require a license t be flown.
It is a pretty cool thing, but it's kind of a problem when you want to have insurance and to teach people from countries hs require a license.

I've shared the idea with some of my colleague's instructors and thanks to the help of my good friend Tzvetan Tzolov from Vertical Dimention
to convince the APPI Master instructor and owner of probably the best in the world PPG flight school  SkySchool  Alex Ledger to come to Bulgaria and set up an instructors workshop for us.

That opened new horizons in front of me and led as to nowadays when I'm a certified APPI PG Instructor so I and my team can offer you high-quality training in powered paragliding with the possibility to obtain a pilot license recognized in many countries and moreover recognized from the international insurance company AXA.

So we will be pleased to meet you in our flight school and help you up to become a safe and enjoyable pilot!

Sincerely yours,
Petyo and The Flying People Team!