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Powered Paragliding Flight School

Powered paragliding or for short PPG is the lightest and most versatile form of powered flight.
there is no other powered aircraft that you can store and transport in the trunk of a regular car and be ready to fly in 5-10 minutes wherever and whenever you want, of course taking in to account the local regulations, meteorological conditions, and the capabilities of the equipment that you use and not in last place your own capabilities as a pilot.

But versatility and compactness are not the many reasons to fly a PPG.
My personal reason was the lack of free time. Yes, it may sound crazy, but it is true.
As a paragliding pilot, I have spent many hours and days just waiting on the take-off
 for appropriate conditions or as we call it "para-waiting".
Para writing is a great social experience that gives you the opportunity to speak with fellow pilots and to discuss many interesting topics, the main goal is to fly, and especially when you are a busy working man with a family, you want to enjoy as much as possible of that stolen moments and spend them in the sky, not on the ground.

Don't get me wrong, paragliding is an amazing activity and I love it with all my heart, but when I get so busy that I couldn't spend much time doing it, I needed something to replace it, and powered paragliding gives me that opportunity.

It opened new horizons in front of me extending the time that I can spend in the air and the seasons when I can fly fully.

Another thing is that actually powered paragliding is much safer than free-flying paragliding because we can choose to fly in smooth air avoiding all the discomfort and dangers related to thermal turbulence which is unavoidable if we want to extend our air time without using engine power.

Of course, PPG has some disadvantages like the additional cost of the paramotor, some more weight on our back, and some noise, but the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages.

Maybe this is the reason the PPG community is growing so rapidly and nowadays there are many manufacturers that produce special wings frames and accessories for powered paragliding.

That naturally leads to the need for quality training and there are some organizations that literally fight with the local authorities to prove to them that PPG is safe enough and there is no need of costly, long-lasting training programs and complicated regulations.

One of those organizations is APPI PPG and I'm glad to be part of it as an instructor.

The APPI PPG training program and methods give really good results and make it possible for the absolute beginner to achieve his goal to became a safe independent ppg pilot in 6-12 days.

My personal belief as an instructor Is that the student deserves 100 % personal attention because we are all different as human beings and we learn differently. 

I have been part of a group in my training and I've witnessed how some people just quit because they do not advance so fast like the restore some people are too shy to tell them they don't get something which leads to mistakes in the training process.

That's why I prefer to work individually with my students with not more than two people at the same level at the same time if they agree to learn together.

I also prefer to give my students the basic knowledge and skills for non-powered paragliding and to let them make several paragliding flights before we proceed to the powered paragliding.

This way they are much more confident in the take-off and landing process, also I in the wing control, which helps a lot to reduce all the risks to a minimal level and actually is great fun and the student can progress to paragliding if e want to.

I have to mention that group training also has its advantages because the students can observe and learn from the mistakes of the others, but this requires more people involved which is costly and time-consuming.

Thanks to APPI PPG we have a really simple theoretical program that gives the basic knowledge every pilot should have.
You will have access to the lections and useful advice prior to your practical training and later that theory will be implemented with the practical training so you can really realize and understand what and what you learn it.

According to this plan, you will be able to achieve your first solo ppg flight in 6 days and to obtain your pilot license in 12 days, 
so let's not waste more time :)

You can contact us and get more details about when, where, and how you can start your training and how much it will cost you to become a safe and independent Powered Paragliding Pilot!